Austin Democrats for Richard Smith He supports neighborhoods, the environment, and ethics reform unlike the incumbent 

As Austin Democrats, we support Richard Smith for Austin City Council District 8 this November 2022. Unlike the incumbent council member, Richard Smith will champion homeowner rights, ethics reform, our environment, and ending special interest tax giveaways. Richard Smith stands for these important changes for Austin: 

1. Protecting Homeowners’ Rights. Unlike the incumbent, Richard Smith supports requiring the city to provide individual notice and protest rights of rezonings that impact nearby property owners. He also will insist that the city notify owners of changes to right-of-way (ROW) on their property. He believes state law and fundamental fairness demand that the city notify homeowners and businesses so they can protect their property rights. 

2. Strengthening Council Ethics and Accountability. Richard Smith will champion the Austin Neighborhood Council’s proposed ten good government reforms. These reforms strengthen the city’s loophole-ridden ethics and conflicts laws. They promote public participation by mandating council hearings are fair to all speakers and are set at publicly convenient times. All council amendments would be made available in advance so the public can have input. 

3. Preserving the Environment. Richard Smith opposes exemptions and waivers to the city’s water quality protections. He will oppose all developments that do not comply with the city’s environmental protections. 

4. Standing up for Taxpayers and Oppose Tax Giveaways. Richard Smith opposes special interest tax and fee giveaways. He will fight against the proposed $330 million property tax exemption to the South Central Waterfront luxury development. 

5. Budget Accountability and Reforms. Richard Smith advocates independent performance audits of city departments to improve performance and save costs. He would first audit Austin Energy and Austin Water. 

Fred Lewis
Bill Bunch, Executive Director of the Save Our Springs Alliance (for identification purposes only)
Mary Ingle
Barbara McArthur
Susan Spataro, retired Travis County Auditor